Sunday, November 26, 2006


There are very few genuine moments of happiness in this world like the moments crafted by serendipity. Like the radio playing your favorite song when you start for work, just when you wish something goes right with the day. A moment of innocent happiness that no amount of MP3 re-runs in your sleek iPod can recreate.

Thanks to the final and absolute hard disk crash that hid 110 GB of my data behind a blue indecipherable screen, my audio closet is finally free of any MP3s. So, I am back scouting the internet for legal ways of listening to music. And a little secret haven that I found for myself, the closest I got to 42 - Pandora.

I don't know about you. But I am a hear say aficionado with a pubescent love affair with music. I don't have the style, nor know the moves. I don't know how to express it in names and notes. But I laugh and cry with it, travel far and wide on a riding wave, touch the sky, kiss the wind and fall through the vacuum into the emotional abyss. I begin and end a life with every song but can't, for the life of me, tell you what I like. I spend a lot of money buying CDs of artists and genres that are complete strangers to me, for that 'ahaa' moment when I finally find the music I love. I have always wished, someone could tell me that if I like that, then I would probably like this too. Understand my love without me having to define it in any grammar and open the door to my favorite shop of candies.

And then I met Pandora, who could translate James blunt into "subtle use of vocal harmony, acoustic rhythm guitars and many other musical qualities" and play me songs whole day long similar to the songs I like. Artists like Howie day, Alex Lloyd who would have been distant, hint of a star in my dim-lit crimson music skies are now daily muses. I still don't know when the day begins, what songs I would be listening to. But someone other than god is making sure I am taken care of!

So, what do you have to do? Slash your MP3s. Listen to Pandora :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been only a few minutes and I'm positively hooked!

10:14 PM  
Blogger Rathish said...

:) Thank you. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anupa (the nosey caller!!) said...

Its amazing how, with nothing but written words,you can convey such feeling...and invoke such emotion..

One moment you have my heart bleed for all the suffering around me that I can do absolutely nothing about...and the very next moment you have it soaring high with thoughts of my fav music on Pandora!

Its amazing how the looong wait seems oh so worth it every time you post something new! :-)

4:06 PM  
Blogger Arvind said...

Good to see you back with back-to-back entries. The unpredictability of your posts are as ecstatic as that of music. Touching previous post. I think Pandora has to wait for another day as i feel numb after reading that one.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Rathish said...

@Arvind - thank you!

@Anupa - Hey nosey caller! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment too!

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anupa said...

My pleasure! I told you to rest assured didnt I?!..Keep posting. And know that you touch many hearts with everything you write

2:20 PM  
Blogger inconspicuous dreamer said...

i've been hooked onto pandora for god knows how long and im still loving it!

11:13 PM  

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