Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sattva - October issue

Posting a mail on my blog makes me feel like a CEO :) But this is something really special and I thought I would share it with all of you - This is the mail I sent to all the members of the Sattva team after our October issue

Hello all,

The October issue is now canned and will be reaching all our readers tonight. At the risk of raising expectations, Sattva has really treaded the unbeaten path this time.

Firstly, the topic itself. Sexual abuse is not an easy topic. The contacts were hard to come by and every story has an intense emotional core that, as our postscript article reflects, questions some of the prejudices we deep down have but don't want to admit.

Secondly, the design. Sattva is 'almost' black and white this time, which especially after our annual issue, is so not-Sattva!

Thirdly, the content. We have fiction as the guest column for the first time. We have started a blog and two posts are waiting to go online along with the issue.

When I look at the whole issue end to end now, I see that this issue is very personal. Every story is about a person, has a name and a face. Which for an issue like this, is the best possible way to put it.

I could go on and on.

So, let me take this moment to thank everyone of you for making this issue possible!

It was not just a wonderful issue but a very smooth execution as well (Despite the fact that I am sitting in another continent as I am writing this mail :). I know some of you didn't have the best time at office and some of you were given just a day's notice and all of you responded with wonderful articles.

Special thanks to our graphics designer who, every time, surprises us with such wonderful design!

To the team!

Please do take a look at the October issue and let me know what you think! The issue is available here. And the newly started Sattva Blog is here.