Monday, December 07, 2009

Goan Sojourn

I am slowly trying to get back to writing regularly and am hoping, in the next few days to take time off and at least write small pieces. Over the last few months, I had some big, hairy audacious ideas for blogs but never could translate them into an actual post. Clearly because I was lazy to sit in one place for long enough to complete them. But I also believe it has to do with the medium - A blog, personally, gives you just one shot at getting it right. I have never re-written any of my blog posts or re-read old ones in an effort to make them better. Once they are written (after minor changes and re-writes, immediately afterwards), they are set in stone.

So, I am trying something different this time - ~P and I recently went on a trip to Goa for a week. Rather than making it a set of blog posts, I want to organize it as a website with different types of written content (Diary entries, reviews, snippets).

The site is here - As you can see, only the first few pages are up. And I want to regularly add some content to the site over the next few weeks. I will also constantly revise the content that is already there. Ideas, feedback are more than welcome (either on the site or here).

The photos from the trip are here -