Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Instant (in a) Camera - II

Polyanna is a someone who's excessively optimistic to the point of being really stupid. To illustrate the point, you can think of somebody waiting in MG Road in bangalore for a public transport bus at 11:10 in the night, hoping to actually reach his place in 30 minutes time. However, such displays of optimism give one a chance to capture interesting (Very subjectively interesting!) moments in a verbal canvas!

Typically at late nights, when the buses become very infrequent, vans and maruti omnis do the rounds a lot packing in 10-15 people like in the days of concentration camps and dropping them dead or alive wherever they want to go. So, there's always a considerable excitement when a vehicle stops in the vicinity of the commuters. It was surprising when everyone actually showed the same attention to a brand new steel gray Skoda that landed close to us in the bus stand. Few of them quite seriously tried opening the doors of the car to get in - I wonder, how they ever believed that this guy dressed in a suit and showing off enough gold in his neck and fingers to shame those models in "Prince Jewellery Panagal park, Chennai" ads was going to give them a lift to the dark corners of madivala. Anyways, the guy shooed them off like they were stray dogs and without getting down from his car, signalled to somebody in the crowd. Now, this I feel is a pretty dangerous thing to do to a crowd which is very keen on getting into the car and more so, when all that you are doing from behind your tinted windows is to move your palm like you are calling your puppy. Everyone volunteered to help (and thus enter), till finally the gestures took their time to reach the boy standing farthest from the skoda with a cycle, and a bag hung over the handlebar. the boy suddenly realized he was the center of all attention, rushed to the car, went back again to his cycle and took the flask with him, poured the man in the car a cup of tea into one of those disposable paper cups and smiled with such a glow on his face.

The guy in the car didn't bother to smile or thank him, with the same gruff expression tossed a coin at him through the narrow gap in his window and sitting inside the car, sipped his two rupees cup of tea with such relish.


Blogger Srini said...

Will there be a part 3 too? ;)

10:03 AM  
Blogger Rathish said...

As the official spokesperson of this blog, I don't want to involve myself in such speculations :)

10:17 AM  

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