Monday, February 21, 2005

The mysterious stranger

The other day, I was shopping for CDs in landmark when this guy comes, stands next to me and says, "Nice shirt you have got there". Now, people who know me will know that given how much I care for how I actually look like, I don't get such comments too often. I shifted my weight, smiled uneasily, thanked him and got back to my CDs. He wasn't planning to leave me so soon - "So where did you buy this shirt?". "SF store in chennai", I added adsent-mindedly. "Do you go there often?" at that precise moment he freaked me out! How does it have anything to do with him! Just as I was about to leave, he caught my hand and gave me this look of a hurt puppy and told me that he's from rajapalayam, and that he's new to this place,is working for hughes, has very few friends and all that. I really couldn't help him much - I asked him a few innocous questions, wished him luck with his work and waved to an imaginary friend in the exit. Before I left, he gave me his card and for the sake of courtesy, I gave him mine.

Today, I get a call from the guy asking me whether I am free tomorrow - seems a lot of software engineers are meeting up in a school and asked me if I can join. I immediately imagine a secret society of software engineers who are planning to unleash a deadly virus all over the country. I tell him that I am not free tomorrow night - he wasn't going to budge. He asked me whether he can come to my house so that we can sit and talk. House? This was getting all creepy to my taste. I told him I am not interested in getting into anything right now. But I had to give him a chance in all fairness he said. So, I suggested a restaurant close to my place and asked him to come there - His exact words were, "No. restaurants are too public.", he lowered his voice exactly how they do it in the movies and said, "You see, my friends and I are running a business apart from our work and we don't want anybody to know about it". All this while, I was kidding myself imagining them to be smugglers and all that. Now he was actually freaking me out. He continued, "Why don't we meet in your house. your room mates can also be interested". When he realized I wasn't ready to let him in there, "I have to ask my friend if he has the time tonight. you are sure, you can't attend tomorrow? Ok .. we will meet you around 10:30 tonight in that restaurant you told me. You are sure it will be empty?"

So, if I am actually found murdered - you know what you should do! send this story to the police and give them a description of a dark, tall guy with a bigger than usual frontal teeth ;)


Blogger Santhosh said...

I seriously think that the "secret business" is a coverup...he wants a date with you and he is scared of how you might react to his "coming out of the closet" hence the need for a deserted place...give the guy a chance...he might like you but more importantly, you might like it(i mean the liberation, not the "it"!!! u sicko!) are like his "love at first sight" "guy"...go for it I say...if something goes wrong(you need to get killed for me to truly believe that something has gone wrong!)...i will talk to your parents and tell them that "your son was a brave brave man!"...and by the way..while you are at it..try to make the first move..dont wait for will spice things up for u!!if you live another share your glorious date with us(i mean, the details!!) :-) happy ending!!

12:32 AM  
Blogger Amrutha said...

intriguing! What kind of shirt were you wearing?

2:53 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

ada paavi manusha...not you dat idiot!
Damn i knew you are one helluva charming guy but THIS charming ?!!
Take care dear!

10:58 AM  
Blogger Rathish said...

@Santhosh: LOL!!! Dude, 10 years of friendship and you silly freak, want me to make the first move! When are you coming down to india man!

@Amrutha - dull, white slack shirt with gray checkers. tell me something, does that make ANY difference :)

@Kumari - what can I say daughtie! It's always the wrong number ;)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Santhosh said...

i wish i could come today man...iam so stuck up in so many things here...anyways, once i get a job, i am plannin to come there b4 i join...i mean...planning that how'd ur "date" with the guy go?

10:50 PM  
Blogger esclava said...

Oh my...that would frighten me. I am wondering if you actually met the guy?

7:55 AM  
Blogger Rathish said...

No. He didn't call yet (thankfully!). He'll probably give me a call today :)

8:54 AM  
Blogger Woodworm said...

Freaks me no end... but it would seem to me that it is the same guy..that I bumped into this weeked.

Turns out that I was at Landmark as well - prowling on the books section. And this fellow admires my T-shirt as well, introduces himself as Dinesh from Hughes. And starts asking the strangest questions that a stranger can ask to a guy on the ugliest T shirt in the whole floor!

Thanks to your blog post, I kinda knew that I need to make an exit and managed it without going as far as dishing out my number ... Phew!

Whats happening dude? Some secret landmark-prowling-SE-secret-skull-and-bones-society?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Rathish said...

et tu? :) I cornered him (on the phone) that is, and asked him - the same old innocuous amway shit! but "nice shirt/t-shirt" seems like an interesting start to a conversation! this guy's got a modus operandi!

8:59 AM  

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