Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lost in translation

Disclaimer - this event is not an exaggeration. It happened and happened exactly how I am going to tell you.

One good thing about Bangalore, you have places to eat for any rate, any mode or any mood. If you want to stand, or have it grand, sit in sand (or in any other way, that doesn't rhyme), you have a restaurant and the good thing is, they are everywhere. Just outside my house, is a Udipi hotel - a place I frequent after those long days in office where I don't have to wet my wallet but still can have a sumptous dinner in anonymity.

Last night, as I was waiting for my masala dosa to arrive, a middle-aged gentleman came and stood next to me with his coupon. As he gave the coupon to one of the boys working there, he said in impeccable english - "Can you boil some water for me please?". This is strange for two reasons - One, no one has ever talked to any of those boys in english and as I expected, they didn't understand what he said. Secondly, he was the last guy who looked like as if "From the US of A". His complexion made it clear that he's been under the indian sun for quite sometime, he had a government job pot belly and the accent of All india radio 7pm english news reader (clear, distinct and unmistakably indian). None of the boys in kitchen paid any attention. He reiterated again, "Didn't you hear me. Just boil some water for me".

This was none of my business. My masala dosa was almost ready. But still, I gave him my best This-is-just-a-suggestion-I-mean-no-harm smile and told him that they serve hot water in the other corner. He gave me the dirtiest looks anyone's ever given me and continued saying the same thing again. Enough! I started humming a song, and stared at my masala dosa trying hard not to think of what just happened. Just as I was about to leave with the dosa to a table, I noticed this guy taking off his mobile hands-free ear-plug from his ears and rolling it into his pocket.

He was talking to somebody else!

Drop. run. Hide.


Blogger piggy said...

probably he din't hear your no-harm suggestion too. so don't worry. Arasiyal-la idhellam sagajamappa.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Avinash said...

Hav seen the original "Lost in Translation" movie da... this one definitely looked like another version of it da, Rathu. hehe

12:40 PM  

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