Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Cerebral concoctions of a bored mind ...

Wondering how many Numismatists are those who forget Thomas cook don't accept coins while exchanging currency.
Was reading Indira gandhi's biography last night till about 1 and just as everytime, switched on the TV before I went to sleep. To my surprise, Channel VOX was screening the movie Teen dewaarein in Hindi with german subtitles. To put things in perspective, even hollywood movies that are shown in the channel are dubbed into german and I have NEVER seen a non-german movie before. So, to hear hindi (from the likes of Nasser shah, Jackie Shroff) was a pleasant surprise. 1, for a german s/w engineer (me, if you are still wondering) is an ungodly hour considering I am at office by 8:30 am. Still, will try my luck later this week to see whether there are any more surprises.


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