Saturday, September 25, 2004

A tribute to one brave kid ....

I am not sure whether krishna will ever reach this page - but an incident from his life that he once narrated to me has been on my mind for a long time waiting to be penned. To feel and believe that I am the beginning and the end of my concerns and the scope of this spot gets boring after sometime. For a long time, I have been compiling a list of events and narrations that have touched my soul and left me scathed and transformed - let me make a modest beginning by penning them down to gain some perspective of how life can actually suck (and stop myself when I feel like cribbing on some trivialities).
The details are very hazy - coz he told me about it an year or two before. His entire family was traveling in a jeep (or some vehicle that could accomodate 6-7 people) in a highway. Somewhere in the way, his brother suggested to ~K they swap places. Just after 15 minutes, a drunk truck driver zig-zagged through the highway and rammed the truck on the jeep in which they were travelling. Of all people in the jeep, ~K was the only one who didn't sustain any major injuries. Imagine being a 22 year old standing amidst the ruins of your entire family in a pool of blood - everyone writhing in pain right in the middle of a highway with no one to help.
He managed to call for emergency to get them to the nearest hospital. His brother suffered a major fracture on his leg, his aged dad had multiple injuries and worst of all, his mom had such a deep gash on her skull that they could see right through till the brain. The hospital that they went to wasn't ready to operate on them since the cases were too serious. He had to rush them to manipal hospital and had to do it soon. Finally, when everyone was admitted and were handled by expert hands did he have the time to sit and weep.
It took the family about an year or two to recuperate. His mom is still not in perfect health (and sadly, will probably never be). The financial implications were considerable and more than anything, that incident has transformed him and his beliefs a lot. Having been with him for over 6 months and seen him in such close quarters, I would know how much his family means to him. Imagine having the lives of the ones you love the most in your hands in the middle of the highway, with no one to help and no way to go. You don't have to hold a gun and stand a post to show courage - This is courage!


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