Thursday, November 04, 2004

Celebrity talk ...

This blog probably will be continuously updated. but off late, I have been hearing such "blasphemous" statements from the celebrity crowd - that I had to compile these together. Of course, I shall keep coming back to this blog as our stars always have to more to give

" It's one of the peculiar problems of many youngsters: They don't know which girl to choose, and settle down with. " - Shahid kapoor.

Who we? Of course, we are the guys who have so much of choice when it comes to girls that we are not really sure which one to settle with. Yeah right! We are holding on life boats in the sahara desert.

"He thanked the media for making him realise his dream of marrying before he turned 23. " - Dhanush

Now, that's quite a dream to have. Who am I to decide what dreams people can have? But it looks funny for a guy to make a statement like "I have always dreamt of marrying at 23" - what a noble dream for life!

"I have exposed within the confines of the story" - by, don't even get me started on the list.

Yup .. a bikini with a violin in the middle of the atlantic is a very logical and integral part of any sensible movie. Honey, I lost my brains in the movie ticket counter!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey..u had said in the "summer showers" blog of urs that "One of my articles is finally on print"(dt.Aug 25, 2003). may i know where? and can i have the previlige of reading it? just want to share ur happiness...beeeelated...though :)

2:54 AM  
Blogger Rathish said...

The one I was talking of is a management magazine which doesn't have an online edition. But here's another one

Do let me know who you are. I maintain this little yellow diary with the names of people who make my day. Want to add your name right on top of the list :-)

1:23 PM  
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