Friday, November 12, 2004

This one on my real mom ...

Was talking to my mom the other day and as always comes a point where one has to think of a new thing to say. Given how much I love listening to my mom crib, I asked how her professional life was coming along. She nonchalantly replied - "Oh, Forgot to tell you. I quit my job". What???? I was flabbergasted and asked her when.
"Today, and you have been talking to me for about 20 minutes now. Didn't you feel like telling me. More importantly, didn't you feel the need to talk about it, discuss it with the family or something?"
This was her version - seems, she went to the office and took her seat and started with the first set of documents. Suddenly, she got this feeling that the whole exercise (of going for a job) is very futile and there's no real need. So, she took a fresh A4 sheet , scribbled her resignation right then and walked away. No exaggerations! Of course, there was a 3 month notice period and hence she's planning to sleep walk through the next 3 months in office.
Of course, it's true that she has no real necessity to go for work since the rest of us in the family (my bro, I and even my dad though he's working for a very non-monetary spiritual cause after his retirement) will be employed by this june. But what's interesting is this is not the first time she's done something like this.
I was probably 11 or 12. We were not doing too well back then and my mom was working for a small-scale company as an office assistant. The MD was a very nice guy and that was one important reason my mom stayed. unfortunately, he passed away and his son, known for his temper and tantrums took over. One day, my parents were at work and I was getting ready to sneak out for a match of cricket while I was supposed to be taking care of the house. Suddenly, at about 10 my mom comes home. She's all red with anger. She drops her hand bag and sits in the sofa staring at the wall. I quietly hid my bat, went into the room and started studying. Apparently, what happened was that this new guy came into the office with a foul mood and started shouting at my mom. My mom waited patiently for 2 minutes, took her bag and walked out - Literally! She didn't submit a resignation letter that time over. In the evening, the guy came to apologise. My mom was cordial but curt. She said she wasn't interested in working there anymore, gave him some tea and butter biscuits and asked him to leave.
Amazing lady - one of these days, I shall tell you what a fantastic person she really is. But to end this blog, the expert comments of my 50 and odd year old dad about the resignation of my considerably younger mom.
"You know rathish, we are young men and we can go for work. Your mom's become old and it's the responsibility of US,YOUNG MEN to take care of her. what do you say".
--- Speechless ----


Blogger Avinash said...

Ur Dad is right da !!!

Not All Experts are Old, dude. Ur Dad Proves to be Younger than u da ;-)..

Ur 50-odd year old DAD is Certainly an Expert ...

Give my regards to ur dad... & mom & Jithu....

8:50 AM  

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