Friday, April 29, 2005

Epiphany no. # 43

Traveling anytime before 11 in the night through airport road is extremely dangerous to your mental health. So you thought you could make your way soon by getting out as early as three in the evening from your office so that you can make it to your play practice at 4? You silly, silly boy! From Kempfort to Diamond district (which is definitely less than a kilometer) will take you more than 30 minutes to go!

So, I was sitting there fuming, furiously messaging my director and getting irritated at every audible note that was playing along in the cacophony. After 20 minutes, I managed to move a couple of meters and reached the Intel office - a guy sitting next to me was finding my plight extremely amusing and I so badly wanted to give him a piece of my mind. Does he understand the worth of time the entire troupe is losing by waiting for me to be there? Does he understand the pristine purpose of art? Can't he even understand that time means something more to people than what it does to him?

Just then a piercing sound of the siren sounded from the other side of the road - It was the ambulance of a hospital whose name I failed to notice. Through one open window of the ambulance, amidst the dingy interiors and medical paraphernalia was seated a woman furiously fanning a heaving body, tears streaming down her eyes as she got up once in a while to see whether the traffic was moving; whether there's at least a glimmer of hope in the end of the crowded tunnel.

I fell silent.


Blogger Sachin said...

Shucks.../Realization dawns../The lightning strikes../The Good Rathish with a Halo around his head wearing the long white robe grimly nods his head...

10:33 AM  
Blogger Rathish said...

Not exactly the way you described it. but pretty much :)

11:23 AM  
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