Friday, January 28, 2005

The birthday party

You know, off late I am writing a lot about how I am visiting my relatives and how I find my cousin's company very stimulating and all that. Here's the truth - my niece is gorgeous! She's beautiful, bubbly and has ATTITUDE! (in capitals!) So many times my cousin and her husband have practically caught me staring at her when they are talking some family important cultural stuff. But really, I don't seem to care much. I have already told my dad that if he can wait for a while, I can clearly tell him whom I am going to marry. Of course, she, just like any other beautiful girl (apart from one single notable exception in my life!) doesn't give a damn about others.

So, saturday was her star birthday and thankfully my cousin(s) (for lack of a better word I shall call my cousin's husband also as my cousin from now on) decided to celebrate it. So saturday morning, I get up early, go to landmark and get her a gift (after 2 hours of thought) that's worth a three digit denomination! (Guys who know me will know what a rarity it is!). So, 6 in the evening - I get all dressed up in a white shirt, blue jeans, stop at sukumaran nair's tea stall and get all the energy I need. I go there and she's all smiles given that I have come with a gift. We do a bit of small talk and she tells me that she's waiting for her friends (the more the better!).

I should tell you about her dress - my daughtie, given that she's doing her masters in women's clothing (;)) will know - she was wearing something called the cindrella costume. I am not even going to try to describe it. But she really looked like an angel in that! Finally, all her friends arrived, a huge cake landed with a lot of candles and at the end of the day, my four year old niece, her friends and I spent about 2 hours singing all her rhymes, doing her exercises and reading out stories of a fox and some other animal I don't remember!

PS: For some reason, this blog is dedicated to Maya who spent eons in trying to teach me the basics of relationship-nomenclature. I still don't understand - how can you call a girl "nathanar".


Blogger Kumari said...

Masters? It is Ph.D!
Btw, Cinderella costume as in the Western one, with those frills and laces and lovely pastel colours?
Or the Rmkv 'Cinderella Pattu-pavadai'?

You know what? It doesn't matter at all.
Nieces, or Daughties for that matter(;-)) are born to be Beautiful.Period.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Rathish said...

it was the western one - very similar to how you had described it to be :)

9:12 AM  

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