Friday, January 28, 2005

From Bangalore central station

Yup! Nerdy - but true! I just blew twenty rupees to be able to blog from the Bangalore central railway station. It's been a tough week - after a long time (probably since I started blogging, for the first time), I have not been able to blog due to responsibilities at work.
Yanyways ....
This is the third time I am coming to Majestic (that's how they call this in bangalore ... Le Majestic. You know, little differences!) But like everytime, I know I am not taking the correct route. Why am I so sure? Because, it inevitably involves jumping a fence that's 3 feet high. I always have a feeling some policeman is going to catch me and seize my passport for doing something like this asking me touchy questions like - am I illiterate or what! But you know, all this doesn't work when you see 30+ women wearing sarees (!) jumping the fence. No, don't ask me how they managed to do it coz I really didn't want to stare and get slapped!
This station I must admit is quite lousy. There's no one book shop, an eat out or any past time for eyes or ears! (But there's an internet cafe!! india shining you see!). I am hoping to find some stands in the platforms coz I really need to get a magazine. Reading a book titled "An intimate history of humanity" by a frenchman under the dim light of the compartment is not quite enticing!
Before I close this blog a couple of stray thoughts that I wanted to pen
- How my room mate and I walked everywhere around my place at 11:30 in the night looking for a restaurant to have dinner. And how, finding a pack of dogs (is it a herd? a group?) staring at us with a devilish look convinced us to just drink water and forget everything about our hunger.
- How buying CDs of Shakti, Zakir hussain and Indian ocean made me a profound musical connoisseur that I can go around in parties and tell people that I am a great fan of fusion music.
- How I am really depressed (shocked? bit in the wrong place?) by the loss of federer in the semis and that too to Safin (Yeah! he serves and all that. But if Federer had to go, I would have rather preferred it to be Agassi than Safin)


Blogger Kumari said...

It is a 'Pack' as much as i can recollect high-school English!
Yup, me too in depression...for Agassi! Coz i love Tall Russian Men..they have really adorable names :)

8:30 PM  

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