Thursday, January 13, 2005

Happy pongal/Sankaranthi

It's not even close to end of the day - I have exactly two and a half hours more to spend at office. For some strange reason, I already am in the holiday mood. Not many reasons to cheer actually - given that my room mate's leaving tonight to Chennai after having bought a ticket for 750 rupees one way in Tatkal 2nd AC (to put things in perspective, the actual tickets costs 195 Rs!). I was telling one of my colleagues that it will be much easier for an entire family to come down to bangalore from chennai than for a guy here to find a place in any means of transport to Chennai.

My boss has agreed that the laptop of our team will be put to best use by me at home blogging in the nights and during weekends. That probably explained the long blog below this one! :-) Yeah ... I had my performance feedback session today - my first official performance feedback in my entire career. Long story - but I don't think I will end up writing about it. But, my manager (who undoubtedly is among the best in the world! and is a bitsian!) gave my great gyan session about a lot of factors that I have got used to after coming to SAP (that I incidentally didn't realize).

Okie ... let me check on my tests now. Will try blogging quite a bit over this extended weekend and shall upload them on Monday. I wish everyone a very happy Pongal, sankaranthi, while I ponder over the question as to why Malayalis have so few festivals in a year (Just 2 of them for a whole year!! I am sure even the amazonian tribe have more than us


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