Monday, January 10, 2005

After a lovely weekend ...

Had a lovely weekend - just lovely! Most of my friends were out of station and hence spent all my time either in Barista or Oxford book house reading and sipping coffee/tea. Finished "You must be joking Mr.Feynman!" (a long overdue) and started off with Steven Pinker's "Blank slate". Lovely book - Quite unlike myself, I have been doing a lot of scientific reading in the last couple of weeks. Decided this will be the last book of this genre for now. And yeah - I went and bought "Governance and the sclerosis that has set in" (this was in part because of the comment in my blog asking me to write on why dont educated indian youth pursue political aims - I have been thinking about it quite seriously then. So, shall write that blog soon :-)
But .. BUT ... the crowning moment of glory came when, Rathish son of Balakrishnan, bought his bean bag (and convinced his room mate too to buy one!). For a long time now, I have been eyeing it and despite claims that it is bad for my back, I have been wanting to have one. Close to 10:10 in the night, the bean bag was finally delivered to me and since then, I have been making up excuses to be at home longer so that I can sit in it for sometime :-)
There's another event that deserves mention - that is my visit to the Spastics Society of Karnataka on saturday. But that shall be done in detail in another blog later in the day.
Other quick updates - I have added 5-6 new blogs to the list of bitsian bloggers. One pleasant surprise was a comment from Dilip D'Souza to be added to the list. He's from the 76 batch and is currently a writer (which is definitely not news for those who frequent Rediff). It's amazing to know that how far internet can reach is WAY beyond our imagination.
Okie - time for me to get back to work! Until then .. it's see you from Rathish and Balakrishnan. Namaskar!


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