Friday, January 07, 2005

Azaadi Dil ki

I have the power :) A long pending wish has now come true - I am sitting at home and blogging in my laptop. now, how cool is that ;) No .. I didn't buy one but rented our team's laptop for a day because no one really wanted to take it home. Actually, by the time I was returning from germany this time, I had made up my mind to buy a lap top and asked Amrutha to get me one. Of course, I had my conditions - I wanted only an apple iBook G4, with 512MB ram and under 1100 dollars. Unfortunately (and understandably), she couldn't find one even on thanks giving day.
Met up with Sriram, one of my oldest classmates and arguably the most intelligent and focussed person I have ever met, and he gave me this brilliant idea of buying a digital audio recorder - the ones that journalists walk around with. And it makes a lot of sense - lap top does give me a good level of mobility and helps me avoid blogging in office, something despite my best efforts, I still haven't come to terms with. But, most of the things that I want to blog occur to me that moment - like the time when I cross our bus terminus or find some event of no consequence funny. Though, I do my best to remember and write about it later, most of the time they get lost among issues of "greater importance". So, this voice recorder is the best. I talk what I want, download a voice to text converter and customize it to my voice and lo! I have reams and reams of blogs to write :)
Anyways, one main reason I wanted to get a laptop was to start writing two pet projects that I have been tinkering with for quite sometime now. One is a novel called Chrysalis that I had started writing when I was at home this june and the other one, I am thinking now of writing it directly as a screenplay for a movie. The idea is all there, the characters have been defined and refined, based on the little research I have been doing. So, once I get a laptop I can atleast start with an abstract and note down the little details I want to incorporate. I have also been thinking to make my novel public by starting another blog - but I am sure I can't pen a word sitting in office and that it will eventually get stalled. So, shall wait till I find some means to continue writing it.
Now, I have to start thinking of issues to write about - I am getting used to this freedom now! Just realized that I have songs in my house too - god! just can't better than this. Oh mummy! Oh daddy! I am a big-o-baddy!!


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