Thursday, December 30, 2004

A nail biting finish

I have majorly landed in a mood of flashback now that the year is coming to an end (I am not going to write a single word on how the year went! that's reserved for 31st!) Am going home to spend new year's eve with my parents and my brother. Never looked forward to going home than what I do now - there were good old days while in school and bits when I used to stay awake till midnight writing in a notebook the account of the year that's passed me by and the promises for the year ahead. My mom would stay awake till 11, feel too sleepy and will ask me to wake her up at 12 and go to sleep. And just when it's twelve - I used to surf from the variety of channels I had (from DD1 to DD2 then back to DD1) and wake my mom who would half open her eyes, kiss me happy new year and go back to sleep. And there would be my brother, the birthday boy on 1st of Jan, sleeping totally unaware of such customs. I would never feel like waking him up and would end up switching the lights off, would go back to the sofa in the drawing room reading what I had written so far.

This time I hope they show some good movie or I am going to ask Jithu to hire a DVD/Cassette player and watch a movie at any cost! Probably even buy a DVD player this time I go home.

Hmmmmm ... home!


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